The top 5 reasons women OWN Valentine’s Day

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There is a verse in a popular song called “What You Won’t Do for Love” by Bobby Caldwell..Ponder this verse-“My friends wonder what is wrong with me, but I’m in a daze from your love you see.“

Here you go again. Right on cue, you ran all over the place looking for the “perfect turkey “to compliment your overeating and outright gluttony. No more than a few days later, if not sooner you were penetrating (how appropriate) the Internet, driving all over your town or city. Running up and down mall aisles, literally and some of you even beating people in the head to buy a “gift. “ Kneeling mentally to an individual that you placed upon a pedestal. Yes you did. Exclude the love for a moment and look at it for what it was. All for Christmas. Some of you spending money that you really could not afford, to spend on things you or no one else really needed. Then your ass got amped up for a New Years Eve celebration and I am sure there were sales galore… Just when you thought you had time to recover and relax for a moment, oh no… you are Trumpmatized.

Now we have Valentine’s Day upon us. A day when once again people are burning rubber on the streets and once again, literally running up and down every store with wide eyes and hearts beating. Seeing red everywhere. According to the National Retail Federation which is the world’s largest retail trade association. Whose members include department store chains, specialty stores, discount stores, catalogs stores, internet-based businesses, independent retailers, chain restaurants and grocery stores. They know, oh yes they know, YOU and they know the masses. They know you so well that after years of scientifically and financially based calculations, they know that in America alone that the average person is expected to spend $147 for vajajay day. Add that up and it is estimated that the average persons, automatons will spend $20 Billion dollars, trying to get some pussy.


That’s right, that’s what it says and be you heterosexual, homosexual or whateversexual, you better believe all of the automatons have a plan to PENATRATE as the power play. In other words, maneuvering to subdue or gain control of the pussy or you know…whatever else. I love and respect the POWER of LOVE and relationship. I LOVE and RESPECT the power and femininity of WOMEN. However, in this so called holiday, known of these wonderful attributes are being considered or thought of and that is a fact. In the United Kingdom, Brits are expected to spend £958 million (pounds) which in U.S. dollars adds up to 1,193,099,377.66 or one billion, one hundred ninety-three million, ninety-nine thousand, three hundred seventy-seven and sixty-six cents. source (

Doing it as a faithful, dependable automaton. What is an automaton? I have a nice definition for you. A mechanical figure, a person or animal that acts in a routine manner without active intelligence. A person that acts like a machine without thinking or feeling. One who behaves or responds in a mechanical way. A person whose spark in life is ruled advertisingly. The advertisements tell the automaton what to do.

The automaton is always known to come through in the clutch. What is the clutch this time, Valentine’s Day of course. People look at Valentine’s Day as the day to let someone know that you are interested in them, if you have never expressed that emotion or intention before. It is a day to let your wife, husband “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,“ (I hate those terms) or other know how much you care for them. It is a time to let your feelings show. It’s that time of year when you REALLY want to PENETRATE. At least that is what you are told.

I mean isn’t that what the calendar, your mobile phone, and the advertisements tell you? Didn’t your mommy and daddy teach you about Valentine’s Day when you were growing up? You learned Santa Claus was not real, but still kept chasing after the valentine’s feeling. Umh..umh…umh…what a trick bag. Most people will be emotionally hurt if they do not receive a valentine’s gift or the right valentine’s gift. Ain’t that a bitch. To spend all of your automaton time faithfully looking for a gift and then the muthafucka gives you some blasé thank you or criticizes your show of affection, via gift as if it was not good enough or expensive enough.…that would hurt!

That is why ANGER is in a close first place for the top emotion felt on this “Simp Holiday. “ Holiday for Simps… 😂 ( I mean, I remember as a child at elementary school hearing the “teachers “ tell class after class to pick out a valentine’s. A few weeks later the school would set aside time during a particular part of the day for every student to receive and give their gift. Sure enough however, there was always some little girl or little boy who did not receive a gift. They just look CRUSHED. There were times when I did not receive a gift and though I was not crushed I felt reeaall stupid. The female teacher might have said something to me or another child,”He Jassiri I don’t be sad I can be your Valentine.” Imagine that? A child has been boosted up to adore Valentine’s Day and has a crush on another student on to watch that student gush over somebody else. Well throughout the 2000s a teacher willing to be a valentine…well I will leave that alone…you have seen the news lately.

I ask, what type of shit is that to teach in elementary school? Needless to say during middle school and high school this sexual based holiday or rit… would continue. What about the self esteem😓 ?What about teaching self confidence.. Huh what about that? No, that is not included in the curriculum when the automaton thinking is in place. All the Bachelor, master and PhDs cannot hide that mechanical thinking. I don’t need somebody teaching my daughter that she has to receive a gift or a compliment in order to feel special and I don’t need my son looking for that bullshit either. Nor, do I need them feeling emotionally obligated to follow some mess, just because somebody older than them said so, with no facts to back it up.

According to the Business Insider there are nine companies that turned Valentine’s Day into a $17 billion dollar industry. (

1. You have 1–800 Flowers- who gets 1 million new automatons, I mean customers every Valentine’s Day.

2. The Hershey Company. Is that real chocolate or fake chocolate ( People love to eat and receive this supposed aphrodisiac, you know get in the mooder, a food, drink or other that stimulates sexual desire.

3. Hallmark cards- To the rescue when people just cannot find ways to express themselves.

4. (Necco) the New England Confectionery Company -the maker of conversation candies shaped like hearts containing Simp phrases like “love bug,” “sweet talk,” and “tweet me.”

5. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company- Most people who still have the toy bear after a breakup, have to look at it or chuck it. On the positive side the teddy bear has always been a last minute audible for Valentine’s Day, if that is your thing.

6. Victoria’s Secret-buying something so that it can be taken off with a quickness.

Copyright -Courtesy Victoria Secrets featuring model Jasmine Tooks

Strangely this is the only company I showed a picture for…hmmm

6. Tiffany & Co. Or Zales or Kay Jewelers or the flea market, anywhere “fine jewelry “is sold.

7. Express delivery companies- that move “product “legally across county and international lines.

8. The U.S. postal service.

9. The hustle man on the corner. They all make excellent profits pulling on “heart strings.“

I have a few questions about all of this? Why do people feel as if they must have a “gift” on this day to feel good? Why are people so willing to go out of their way to buy these “gifts?” Why are some people so cold hearted when receiving a gift? Most importantly what is the origin of Valentine’s Day? Why are people running around spending money on something that they have no idea where it originated from?

Oh, I have already partially answered some of those question. They are told to do so and comply like good automatons and they want to PENATRATE!!!! However, allow me to give a very brief history context as I close up this sermon. sources ( source and for a more detailed explanation) ( ( Valentine’s Day is a product of the ancient Roman festival known as Lupercalia which may have historically began in 753 B.C. Highlights of this festival included Roman Priest sacrificing a goat for fertility, and a dog for purification. Once the Priests sacrificed the animals they then, sliced the goats hide into strips, dipped them in the sacrificial blood, and took to the streets, gently slapping both women and fields of crops with the goat hide strips. Roman women welcomed being touched with the hides because it was believed the strips would make them more fertile in the coming year.

Later in the day, all the young women in the city would place their names in a big urn. The cities bachelors would then each choose a name out of the urn and become paired for the year with his chosen woman. These matches often ended in marriage. However, the day for centuries was known to include sex in various ways including orgies while drunkenness and sacrifices were common. After, the “matchmaking ceremony”, in which young men drew the names of women from the urn. The men and women had ways of protesting the selection and women who were not chosen expressed themselves as well.

The ancient Roman Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.The name of this day comes from two men meeting their maker, by force. Several religious, pagan, mystical, mythological, and historical traditions from around the world have been mixed together to create the Valentine’s day as we know it. More historical content can be found in the links above.

However, my hope is that this piece made you think about why you or someone you know feels the way you do about this day. It is highly unlikely that what I wrote will make you or anyone else change your mind. Articles, and speeches against this day have been given for centuries and needless to say in every modern communication form. So in other words people are going to do what they are going to do. People are going to pursue the “P.” However, overwhelmingly women are the chief beneficiaries of this day. Sitting on thrones if you will, watching the many peasants vow for their affections.




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