The Curse of Intelligence

I observed from experience that there is a price to pay for intelligence.

There is a blank space between the relationships that I shared with old friends and family and the new space shared with individuals who share my new found points of view.

Before I go further, let be break down a few terms, so that we can be on the same vibe. My definitions are found within the etymology dictionary. There. . . anyone can find the facts of the original meaning of a word.

First let us examine the word curse.

CURSE- consignment/delivering/handing over of a person to an evil fate. To hate, dislike intensely. That which causes severe trouble, to excommunicate. Ok, so looking further we have. . . The curse in 19c. was the sentence imposed upon Adam and Eve in Genesis iii.16–19. Of course, as the story goes, once they found new knowledge, their eyes were opened and well you know the rest.

By the way “Evil” is defined as “conduct contrary to standards.”

Excommunicate-put out of the community, in Church Latin “to expel from communion,” from ex “out” (see ex-) + communicare “to share, communicate,” related to communis “common”

The more intelligent that a person becomes, the less he or she has in common with the average person.

Common- c. 1300, “belonging to all, owned or used jointly, general, of a public nature or character,” from Old French comun “common, general, free, open, public” (9c., Modern French commun), from Latin communisin common, public, shared by all or many; general, not specific; familiar, not pretentious.” c. 1300, “a fellowship or brotherhood.” Usual, not exceptional.

Common sense (n)-late 14c., originally an internal mental power supposed to unite (reduce to a common perception) the impressions conveyed by the five physical senses (Latin sensus communis, Greek koine aisthesis). Thus “ordinary understanding, without which one is foolish or insane” (1530s); the meaning “good sense” is from 1726. Also, as an adjective, common-sense “characterized by common sense” (1854).

Well we can learn something new every day.

So what is intelligence?

Intelligence (n.) late 14c., “the highest faculty of the mind, capacity for comprehending general truths;” c. 1400, “faculty of understanding, comprehension,” from Old French intelligence (12c.) and directly from Latin intelligentia, intellegentia “understanding, knowledge, power of discerning; superior understanding.”

So needless to say, when people make a choice to use intelligence, they are attacked persistently with either words or the actions of others, subtly or not. Thus, without realizing these people who may be strangers but, are more likely family and friends take part in a form of counterintelligence.

Counterintelligence (n.)

-Act of preventing an enemy from obtaining secret information.

Thus, I am sure that you may have heard the following. . .

Why are you reading those books? Why don’t you drink liqueur? You don’t smoke!? Why don’t eat what we eat? Why don’t you keep up with sports? Why you always working out? Why don’t you watch TV? What you mean you don’t care about Jezzy and Gucci!? Why you act like you better than us?

It can go on and on. If you have had the fortune of growing up in a family that is not very open minded and, in a town, or neighborhood where many people are on the same vibe.

You may have felt like you could not wait to turn 18 and get the hell away from where you grew up.

As an adult, coming back home during the “holidays,” is almost as much a walk down memory lane with fun memories, as it is a reminder of why you left and did not want to come back. Family members can be condescendingly supportive, very negative or completely on your side. All families are different and the same. As you fade into passing out due to the itis, which is the lethargic, sleepy feeling an individual gets after eating a large meal. Think about what change look like.

It is always an adventure to leave your comfortable home that is filled with positive energy and everything that represents who you are and the direction that you are going in life, with unlimited possibilities.

Then, you have to witness a dummy- figure representing a person, counterfeit object, something that imitates a reality for mechanical purposes; driving too fast and weaving in and out of lanes; A person walking across the street with their head down, looking and playing with their phone and not even once looking to their left or right to see if a car is coming; a person wearing a mask supposedly for their protection and yet the fool pulls the mask down to smoke a cigarette and will quickly tell someone that they should wear a mask if they are not wearing one; people jogging on the side of a busy road supposedly for the purpose of being healthy and yet they are inhaling car fumes, a park that is away from traffic and surrounded by trees is always a short drive away; People always complaining about their weight but, refuse to exercise and eat a different way, in order to get results and yet they complain and complain more;

People complaining about their job, waiting on a stimulus check and yet will never consider and take the steps towards starting a business; People scared of Corona, which is a virus that effects a person’s health and yet instead of doing things that can stimulate better health and a strong immune system, they stay in line at a fast food restaurant, the liqueur store and the vape shop.

You can insert your own observations and yet we have the curse of intelligence.

This can be a lonely road for a while until, you meet people who think like you and who are moving in the same direction.

It truly is stunning to see how many people do not see the world as I do and there is no pressure, everyone has the free will to do and think as they please.

Just yesterday, I witnessed a young woman who clearly could not parallel park, get out of the vehicle and allow her apparent “boyfriend,” to get behind the wheel while she decided to stand in front of a parked car and wave her hands in the mindset of giving directions to her “boy” while he attempted to parallel park in front of her. Yes, she was in between both cars while one of them was actively moving. The car her “boy” was driving almost ran her dumb a?? over as she had to slam her hands violently on the trunk to get the fool to stop before she ended up meeting her maker.

I instantly knew that these two will bring another into the world. . .think about that.

So if using my mind makes me cursed. . .

Striving for perfection makes me cursed. . .

Working on creating successful business makes me cursed. . .

Being healthy mentally, physically, spiritually and financially makes me cursed..

Having healthy and inspiring friendships makes me cursed. . .

Then keep cursing me!!!!

When Curse is calculated through Chaldean Numerology it equals to the number 19/1. Which presents the characteristics of collecting, synthesizing and regenerating past errors into attitudes and actions that will lead to future success.

Self-knowing and knowledge will turn around and find new paths which others have dismissed yet, will provide opportunities for continued growth for those who are willing to put in the work. There may be situations in life that require new beginnings, yet a mastery of emotions can prevent material loss and overall failure or the basis for a comeback based on of course, a strong will.

In Chaldean numerology, the word Intelligence when calculated through this science, numerically equals to the number 43/7.

43/7 presents characteristics of the word intelligence with the following; Strong intuitive powers and discernment is based on the ability to accumulate facts. Intelligence equates to poise and a sense of balance, knowing when to be quiet, tolerance, fulfillment and abundance as a result of clever productive actions.

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