Our Charisma can be fully described by a Number.

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Your charisma or lack of, is what people remember after meeting you for the first time. The Charisma Number which can be found by adding the consonants of your name.

This can be taken two ways.

#1 many people are very concerned about how people see them and they want to be liked by everyone. They want all the followers and they always want to look their best. If there is something that they could do to get an extra edge on how they appear or “come off” to others then, the Charisma Number would be right up their alley.

#2 there are just as many people who do not give a f@#! about what people think or how they appear to others. Those type of thoughts are not on their radar. Some people do not mind even scratching their ass in public so, what would someone’s opinion matter. But, everyone gets curious and once such a person was made aware of the Charisma Number, they might want to learn more, just to have another reason to laugh at how they piss people off.

However, what other people see might not be a true representation of who you are or who you really are on the inside which is where the Soul Number comes in.

The Charisma Number represents what is most obvious about you to other people. It reveals your habits, mannerism and behaviors of not just yourself but, of others.

For an example I am going to take a wide left and present…Darth Vader…because…I’m just feeling the force.


I will go through a calculation of the consonants in the name and then add them in order to reveal the Charisma Number.






The 26 reveal's an individual who developed self-confidence through stress. A desire for power was developed through wisdom and strength was enhanced when self control was in place. His impulsiveness found him in a sudden love relationship that created tension and irritation in others. He had an ability to see a bigger picture that others could not see.

Now, to the 8 of Vader’s Charisma Number and it focuses on appearing influential, powerful, projecting strength, appearing larger than life, controlling, business-minded, organized and intelligent.

Is that how the character Darth Vader appears?

Interestingly enough, the Soul Number connected with this name is 7. The number of the mystic, the one who seeks strength and wisdom through knowledge (of the force) thus, mental power…Sage, Sorcerer, Lord Vader.

The Charisma Number shows what people expect from you because of the image that you present. It represents the literal mask that we wear before others.

Once again, our body language, mannerisms, our style of clothes and common traits determine how people react to us. If you are unaware as to why people treat you a certain way then, this number can provide a piece of the puzzle.

I would never tell someone to not be the authentic self but, use discernment enough to know when your authentic self is helping you or harming you.

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