How Can Knowing My Life Path Number Change My Life?

Jassiri Nassor
2 min readMay 9, 2021


People have sought direction ( a means, a plan for achieving certain affects) and a stimulus that would provide meaning (what is intended to be or in fact is) for their lives.

Unapologetically the Life Path number is the answer to this perpetual dilemma.

The Life Path number is found by adding the month of birth, day of birth and the year of birth together. The sum of which reveals the individual specialized lesson that each of us possesses and must learn in this lifetime.

However, it must be understood that like many of the over 20 numerological calculations that can provide valuable information, the Life Path number represents a person’s potential. It is not an automatic fix.

Many choices have to be made in order to actually walk down this path. Free Will always is the biggest determining factor on the ability of a person to accept and take action with this information or not.

We all have the freedom of choice and the freedom to do the necessary research and utilization of personal discernment or not before making important life decisions.

When people can learn there true calling without guess and with certainty via the Life Path number then, jealousy of “successful” people will slowly end because, people will be too busy making the most of their God Given Gifts.

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